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Jacqueline Starkes
Compendial Stakeholder Affairs
Jacqueline Starkes
"I can pursue the “Why” and think outside the box, to find the best way to get the job done."
Stakeholder Affairs Coordinator
Joined USP 2007
Robert Shimahara
Strategic Customer Development
Robert Shimahara
"Bring your skill set, your attitude, your desire, and treat every day with enthusiasm."
Joined USP 2004
Daren Tran
Compendial Development Laboratory
Daren Tran
"The USP workforce is a melting pot for the diversity of cultures in all aspects of life."
Job Title: Scientist V
Joined USP 2002
Shawn Becker
Science, Healthcare Quality Standards
Shawn Becker
"The core values of USP resonate in my daily work."
Job Title: Senior Director, Healthcare Quality Standards
Joined USP 1978
Jaya Pandey
Science-Operations, Writer’s Group
Jaya Pandey
"One thing which inspired me to work at USP was the long history of an organization with so much stability."
Job Title: Sr. Technical Writer
Joined USP 2012
Michael Ambrose
Science, Research & Innovation
Michael Ambrose
"It's challenging but also exciting to start something totally new to USP."
Job Title: Director, Research & Innovation
Joined USP 2006